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White Background

Elliott Lugo LCPC, CADC



Office Location: Chicago and Virtual


-Adolescents 15 years old+







-Substance abuse

-Parenting difficulties

-Building healthy relationships

-Finding purpose in life


A Bit About Me

It's a tough time out there these days. Between the economy, managing school or work, relationship issues, not knowing where you fit in or what your purpose might be, or just having an even harder time than usual dealing with mental health issues, so many of us are feeling burned out and not sure how to cope. You might have fallen into ways of dealing with life that aren't working out so great for you, like drinking too much, self-harming, isolating from others, or forming unhealthy relationships. It can be easy to think that you're alone in struggling this way, that the confidence, joy, and connection you need is unreachable.

I've been providing mental health counseling services in a variety of settings for 13 years. My background is in working with teens and adults that struggle with issues such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, substance abuse, parenting difficulties, building healthy relationships, and life transitions such as the loss of a job.

You are not alone, and it is a sign of strength that you are open to using therapy to tackle to issues that you're facing. My priority is making sure you feel heard, valued, understood, and empowered to work with me on building new skills in order to move forward and come out of this process happier, healthier, and more fulfilled in your life.

I am accepting new clients!

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